What your shoes may say about you…..

Well, it had to happen.


I went to work this week with the wrong colored shoes.  I had picked out a pair of black slacks with a pretty red and black geometric patterned blouse.  I always feel great in red.  Things have been tough at my house lately, and while I would not consider myself depressed, I certainly do everything I can to bring a little sunshine in my life on a daily basis.   With all the things that I have no power to change, I can decide to dress myself in colors that make me happy.  Or so I thought…..


Imagine my surprise on Thursday morning, when I stepped out of my vehicle, and noticed that while I had actually put on the clothes that I had picked out, I had totally stepped into the wrong pair of sandals.  Expecting to see my black pair, I was quite dismayed to see my peach pair.


How did that happen, I asked myself with incredulity?  I had absolutely no intention of wearing peach pumps.  I had absent-mindedly stepped into the wrong pair of shoes that morning.


What does that say about my state of mind?  What does that portend for my health in the days to come?  The experts say that 85% of sickness and disease is rooted in the emotions.  This means that stress, (of which there has been plenty in my circle) seriously affects the immune system.   Fortunately, I know this, and I have the opportunity to take a mini-break, dial down, and reassess.


What about you?   I know that stress is not my own particular purview:  it affects us all.  Are you aware that unrelenting stress and severely impact your immune system?  Think about it, research it, change it.


I am off to the coast today…. Getting some fresh air, sea breeze and clearer head.  Any one need to join me?


Until next time,




About Polly Heil-Mealey, ND, P.Sc., HHP, M.Ed., C.C.I.

Dr. Polly Heil-Mealey is the Past-President of the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA), as well as an IIPA Certified Iridologist with a Master’s Degree in Education, and a Naturopathic degree. She has been involved in education and Biblical health care since 1994. Dr. Polly has been active in both television and radio, presenting community service programs covering various topics. An international traveler, she gives seminars on alternative health practices, incorporating iridology and Biblical nutritional counseling. Dr. Polly now uses her expert ability to communicate vital and useful information to help her clients build or restore their health. One of Dr. Polly’s greatest passions is to see her clients restore their health through natural therapies. Every success story confirms the need for education in holistic practices. Dr. Polly brings a high level of dedication and commitment to her clientele. She has touched the lives of many with her concern and selfless devotion. The verse “My people perish for lack of knowledge,” is a scripture that touches every level of society. As clients learn and understand holistic protocols, they are able to improve their health drastically by incorporating diet and lifestyle changes. Dr. Polly is married to Stephen Hale, and together they have eight children. Both are very active in their church and serve on various boards in their community. Dr. Polly is also the director of Women’s Ministries of her church. Dr. Polly and Stephen reside in Humble, Texas.
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3 Responses to What your shoes may say about you…..

  1. ILEEN says:


  2. Oconnellc says:

    If that is true about the 85%, that is actually excellent news. Can you link to a study or some of the experts who have studied and shown this? Thanks

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